Wednesday, January 7, 2009

kroger and walmart deals/ menu plan

I shopped at Walmart and Kroger this week and got some good savings. I decided this week I was only buying what was on sale and what I had a coupon for, mostly. Some things you just can't go without! I forgot to take a picture, so you'll have to imagine what my loot looked like! Here are the details about my shopping excursion:

1st store- Walmart
1. Luvs Diapers- 34 pack (no getting around this :) = $7.47
2. Jell-O Mochachino Pudding Snacks = on sale for $2 - $.55/1 coupon = $1.45
3. Prenatal Vits (because I'm nursing) = $4
4. GG Valley Steamers- broccoli = on sale for $1.23 - $.50/1 coupon = $.73
5. GG Valley Steamers- potatoes/green beans = on sale for $1.50 - $.50/1 coupon = $1
6. Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread = $1.97
7. 3 lbs. of yellow onions = $1.50
8. Bananas (price-matched from local store for 3 lbs./$1) = $1.25
9. Special K Red Berries Waffles = on sale for $2 - $.75/$1 = $1.25
10. Vanilla Yogurt (32 oz.) = $1.67
11. Canned diced tomatoes = $.48
12. 2 cans of tomato sauce = .42 x 2 = $.84
13. GV Cheese Crackers = $1.38
14. Duracell Batteries- price-matched for $4.99 + used 2 $.75/1 coupons = $4.24 x 2 = $8.48
15. Clorox Bleach = $1.66
16. Betty Crocker icing = $1.26

Total (before price-matching and coupons) = $43.16
(after price-matching and coupons) = $37.71
Total Savings = $5.45
These savings might not look that incredible, but please remember that Walmart's prices are already pretty low. When compared to other popular grocery chains the savings are huge!

2nd store- Kroger
I really didn't need anything else, but because my coupons were about to expire and I did pretty good on my weekly budget, I decided to get a few things using my Valued Customer coupons.

1. Kroger Poptarts - on sale for 1.34 - $.45/1 coupon = $.89
2. Kroger Pretzels - on sale for $1.25
3. Claude's Brisket Marinade = $3.59 (It hurt my heart to pay this much for marinade, but it's for a brisket recipe I received from a friend. I don't want to mess up something as great and rare as brisket!)
4. Kroger fresh Chicken Tenders = $13.12 (B1/G1 Free!) - $2.50/$10 poultry purchase = almost 5 lbs. of chicken for $10. 62

Total (before Kroger savings and coupons) = $30.58
Total (after Kroger savings and coupons) = $16.35
Total savings
= $14. 23

Combined total of Walmart and Kroger = $54.06

Menu Plan
Tuesday- Oatmeal w/ brown sugar and cinammon
Wednesday- Biscuits and eggs
Thursday- Peanut butter smoothies and toast
Friday- Blueberry muffins and apples
Saturday- French toast
Sunday- Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits and bagels
Monday- Waffles and fruit
Tuesday-Friday - sandwiches/leftovers
Saturday- leftover Frito Pie
Sunday- leftover Chicken and Brown Rice
Monday- sandwiches/leftovers
Tuesday- Loaded Baked Potato Soup and Green salad with fresh ranch dressing
Wednesday- Care Group Meal (church small group)- bringing Cheese Muffins
Thursday- Meal at Friends' House- bringing Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Icing
Friday- Frito Pie and fruit
Saturday- Chicken, Brown Rice, and Broccoli, and Carrots
Sunday- Pancakes and fruit
Monday- Brisket, Potatoes, and Baked beans


meg_arrant said...

I see you found the muffin recipe, did you share it with your dad?

melissa said...

Just thought I'd let you know I find your blog very helpful- you've encouraged me to plan menus and it has made life a little easier!
I keep forgetting to go to "Town Talk"- next time your thinking about going let me know and I'll try to tag along!

melissa said...

Yep- didn't turn out perfect but it did the job. I'll look at my chairs since they are just like yours and see if they would be easy to recover and then maybe they can be our next project. =)