Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walmart Grocery Shopping and Menu Plan

I spent $30.41 on groceries today!!

I wasn't sure if I'd be typing this post today. We are in the middle of an ice-storm warning right now until tomorrow at noon, so I was a little nervous about going to the grocery store. However, I braved the storm and made my weekly trip. Oh, and I forgot to take a picture, so use your imagination. Imagine plastic bags full of great deals!

Some of my price-matching this week included:
1. Red Seedless Grapes- $.88/lb. (Walmart's price- $1.77/lb.) Savings=$.89/lb.

2. Bananas- $.99/3 lbs. (Walmart's price- $.52/lb.) Savings=$.19/lb.
This was a huge savings since I got over 6 lbs. of bananas! How much? $1.20!

3. DiGoirno Pizza- $3.99 (Walmart's price-$5.75) Savings=$1.76

4. Rosarito Refried Beans-$.50 each (Walmart's price-$.98 each) Savings=$.48/can

5. Grapefruit- $1/4 (Walmart's price- $.68 each) Savings on 2= $.86

6. Mrs. Baird's Whole Grain Bread- $1.67 (Walmart's price- $2.94) Savings=$1.27
I also used a $.55/1 coupon on the bread, making it $1.12!

I also saved on bread, oatmeal, breadsticks, Quaker chips, McCormick spices, tortillas and baby food using coupons. Savings using coupons=$4.50

Total Savings using Price-matching and Coupons= $12.53

Remember, Walmart's prices are already pretty great, so $12.53 may not sound like a huge savings, but it is when compared to the prices of other popular grocery chains.

Tuesday- Waffles and Syrup
Wednesday- Breakfast Burritos
Thursday- Birthday Donuts! (An Iles Family tradition for birthdays. The honors go to Clay!)
Friday- PB Banana Smoothies
Saturday- Yogurt Parfaits
Sunday- Eggs and Toast
Monday- Oatmeal with Brown sugar, Cinnamon, and Raisins

Tuesday- Leftover Cornmeal Chicken (Pg. 151 of Cooking Light:Low Fat/Low Calorie)
Wednesday-Leftover Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes
Thursday- Clay's Birthday Lunch! (Taking him out to eat!)
Friday- Canned Soup and Green Salad
Saturday- Cheese Quesadillas and Refried Beans
Sunday- Ham Sandwiches and Carrots
Monday- Leftover Spaghetti

Tuesday- Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli (carried over from last week's meal plan)
Wednesday- Leftover Gumbo, Rice, and Crackers (carried over from last week's meal plan)
Thursday- Clay's Birthday Dinner- Sausage pizza, Breadsticks, and Strawberry Cheesecake
Friday- Date Night!! Noah has pizza at Kid's Night Out at UBC
Saturday- Dinner at Friend's House
Sunday- Spaghetti and Green beans
Monday- Chicken Fajitas and Ranch-style Beans

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Megan said...

i was telling todd that i don't know how you price match with two kids in tow!!! i can hardly remember to use the coupons i cut when i get to the checkout. however, i remembered today & saved about $6!