Tuesday, October 14, 2008

first post

I've decided to have my own blog! I enjoy blogging about my boys (you can view that blog here)but I also have interests of my own! I plan to use this space to share my thoughts, ideas, recipes, crafts, questions, bible readings, etc. as they pertain to godly living. My goal, as in everything I do, is to give God all the glory. May He use me as a wife, mother, and homemaker to honor my family and others around me, including those that read this blog!


Jenni said...

passing through I found your blog, already for some reason I am drawn to it. Maybe the way you write or just that I can relate to the "my own interests" in a life as a mother, wife and house keeper. Check out my blog too if you'd like. Can't wait to see more. Jenni

Anonymous said...


I am very proud of you for being creative and also for proudly proclaiming your beliefs and always giving God the glory.