Monday, October 20, 2008

pray for the daltons

Some good friends of ours left for West Africa on Friday to serve as missionaries with the IMB. The Dalton family is such a special family to us. When we first moved here, over 2 years ago, Billy Dalton, was the first person we met. We had to make a call to the Seminary to find out what to do with the loads of moving boxes we had piling up in our living room and in our front yard. Since this was a Sunday the only department available was the Security Dept. Billy was working this particular Sunday and came over to our house to help us out. He gave us all the ins and outs of proper box disposal. But more importantly, he gave Clay his phone number and said that if we needed anything to give him a call. He also mentioned that the Security Dept. was hiring if Clay was looking for a job. Of course Clay was looking for a job! We moved to Fort Worth with a 12 day old baby and needed some income badly. Clay did end up contacting the Security Dept. and landed a job as a Security Dispatcher. This job got us through our first year of seminary life!
While Clay was being trained as a dispatcher, he had to make a few rounds with Billy to get more familiar with the campus. Billy introduced Clay to Christ the Redeemer Church, which has been our church home since September 2006. On our first Sunday at Redeemer Church, I met Heather Dalton. Heather and I served as Nursery Coordinators and one-year-old sunday school co-leaders together. During this time we spent a lot of moments learning from each other and laughing together. Not only was she a ministry partner, but a great friend as well. I learned a lot of great advice from a more seasoned mom than myself. Their children, Leianna, Caleb, and Nyah are also very important to our family. Noah and Caleb are the same age so they were quite the buds. They both have a pretty mean arm when it comes to baseball!
Here is a picture of Noah, Leianna, and Caleb. This picture was taken in May when they moved from Fort Worth to South Carolina to visit their family for the summer before moving overseas.

You can visit the Daltons' website at and find out how to pray for them.
We love you Dalton Family!

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