Wednesday, November 19, 2008

shopping trip and weekly menu

I did my weekly grocery shopping yesterday. I shopped at Wal-mart where I did price-matching on mostly produce. I also shopped at a discount grocery store called Town Talk. It carries many items that are about to expire, overstock from popular grocery chains, discontinued items, etc. This was my first experience and I will definitely be returning for some great bargains!
I spent a little over $18 and got these great items at Town Talk!

1. 3 lbs. of organic onions --- $1
2. Back to Nature Cinnamon Graham Cracker Sticks--- $.50
3. Nilla Wafers --- $1.39 (still cheaper than normal!)
4. 2 pkgs. of Newman's Own Organic Alphabet Cookies --- $.50 each
5. Dare Baguettes --- $.50
6. Tyson Chicken Nuggets --- $2.95 (I passed these up at Wal-Mart because they were almost $5, so I decided to get them here. It's more than I like to pay, but they are easy and Noah loves them :)
7. Community Coffee (100 small bags) --- $2.99 (This wasn't a great deal. I was just excited to see Community Tea! I can buy the coffee here at several grocery stores, but still haven't been able to find the tea and creamer. Yea for Community products!
8. Tribe Organic Hummus --- $1.29
9. Owen's Breakfast Kolachies --- $1.99
10. Pillsbury French Bread --- $1
11. Weight Watchers Single Serving Cheese Snacks --- $1.29
12. Lander Kids Bubble Bath 50.7 fl. oz. (for my sweet Noah :) --- $1.99
Weekly Menu for Tuesday, November 18 - Monday, November 24
Tuesday- Cinnamon Toast and Fruit
Wednesday- Oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar
Thursday- Banana/Peanut Butter Smoothies and Toast
Friday- Eggs and Toast
Saturday - Breakfast at Wild Bills (Seminary Campus Cafe')- w/ FREE coupons
Sunday - Pancakes and Fruit
Monday- Breakfast Burritos
Tuesday- Friday --- Sandwiches/leftovers
Saturday- Chili Baked Potatoes
Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Sandwiches/leftovers
Tuesday - Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, Caesar Salad, and French Bread
Wednesday - Breakfast Quiche and Fruit
Thursday - Veggie Soup and Salad, leftover bread
Friday - Frito Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Saturday - Dinner at Friend's House- bring 2 loaves of French Bread
Sunday - Cheese Quesadillas and Refried Beans (leftover from pinto beans used in chili)
Monday - Chicken Parmesan, Pasta and Sauce, and Green Beans

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Jack said...

Robin - you amaze me! How much do you spend per week when you combine all groceries (and other wal-mart items) and eating out?