Tuesday, April 7, 2009

recovered chair

When our family moved to Fort Worth we purchased a beautiful new-to-us refinished table with a shiny stain and wrought iron work at a local flea market. Four chairs came with it that had the same wrought iron look with cream colored padding on the chairs. At the time Noah was still eating in a high chair and I didn't think about him sitting on those beautiful light colored padded chairs eating all sorts of messy, colorful foods. So over the last one and half years his chair was deemed "the nasty one" and I always volunteered to sit in it when we had company over. (Noah sat with his friends at the kid table.)
Thankfully, chairs can be recoved pretty inexpensively. Our local fabric store, Joann's, was having a sale and I bought some outdoor fabric to recover the chairs. I also found some beautiful cotton fabric in a coordinating pattern in the remnant bin. I intend to make a table runner or some napkins to go with my newly covered chairs!

My talented sister-in-law, Amanda, did the recovering for me. She cut the fabric where it would fit on the cusion and then used a heavy duty stapler to secure the edges under the chair cusion. No sewing involved! That's my kind of project!


Michael, Meg & Naomi said...

Very nice! Next time, you'll have to do it yourself. Getting a darker fabric is a great idea. I'll have to pick somehting dark when I recover ours.

Darla said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

sharron said...

Hey, I love the chair, and all of the shopping tips also. You do a great job. The material looks similar to the chairs at our table now. I took my old chair material off and used it for my pattern and covered all of my chairs. I need to know how to recover a recliner, but everyone says it's too hard and time consuming.
Keep up the good tips on shopping. I enjoy reading them.